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Hello friends! I have finished all the commissions i was working on and am now free to work on some more!  <3

I will take visual and written references for characters, but visual references are ALWAYS preferred! I don’t mind if you give me only a visual reference, but it always helps if you want a certain pose or action to be drawn and you tell me what you want. I want you to be as satisfied as possible!

I’m open to drawing most materials, such as anthros/furries, animals, aliens, robots, fantrolls/fancharacters, you name it. Needless to say, i have a few restrictions, including pornography and fetishy art. However, I am open to most levels of nudity. I have the right to refuse any and all works requested of me and will not complete a work that makes me uncomfortable.

Types and Pricing:

Traditional sketches/lineart: $4 per drawing, and can do multiple sketches on one paper……

Lineart: $8 ( +character $5) (+cell shading $4) {Please specify whether or not you would like me to use the transfer setting or if you would like traditional work!}

Transfer setting:………

Non-transfer setting:…

Flats: $15 ( +character $7 +background $5)…

  $18 for cell shaded, $20 for blended shading ( +character $10 +background $7)

Cell shaded:………

Blended shading:…………

Watercolors: $10 for bust, $20 for full body, +$8 for each additional character, no greater than 3 characters.………

Character sheets: Price is determined by what is needed on your sheet. I.E., how much shading is required, how many poses, turnarounds, ect. Base price for any character sheet is $20, note me for an estimate!………

Animations: $25 uncolored base price. This is a varying price depending on the character, the action and the addition of color, background and other characters. Please note me for a final estimate.
Please be informed that I do all of my animation by hand and I draw it frame-by-frame, so it may take a very long time for it to be finished. Please be patient and i will give you my best results!
examples of my animations may be seen here:… here: and Here:…

Non-Animated: $1 uncolored, $3 colored, $5 colored and shaded.
Animated: $3 uncolored, $6 colored, $8 colored and shaded……

I do not include the cost of the shoes in the price, as i expect you to buy them yourself. The way I hope for this to be done is if you order them online and have them sent to somewhere I can pick them up. Base price is about $20 plus whatever shipping i have to pay to send them to you. I only ship within the US, unfortunately. You must be willing to give me your address in order for me to send them. The shoes are not painted but are done with marker:………

Price may go up depending on detail of drawing on the shoes or amount of colors to be used. (markers are expensive!!)

Message me if you are interested! :D

Completed commissions:
Commission: Marian and Varro by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: The Familiy by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: All those digits by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: The Scientist and the Ornithologist by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Vyala by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Teamwork by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: The Winged Woman by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: STRONG DRINK by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Nier-Beta's Zini by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: What's Your Excuse? by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission - Love for Billy by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Nihlus Shimeji (READ DESCRIPTION) by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Marco by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Character sheet - Metaxi by Wolf-Shadow77 Commission: Tael Gets the Groceries by Wolf-Shadow77
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LordMoonBiscuit Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thinking of a blended shading pic of this character:…
Wolf-Shadow77 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Student Filmographer
ohh that'd be fun i like the design
if youre interested you should send me a note O:
LordMoonBiscuit Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
note sent!
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